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Most men indulge in the activity of weightlifting with a mission in mind to build their pectoral muscles.  It is said that, men who obtain a well toned and well defined chest are looked upon as men who possess an excellent physique. The chest is commonly known as the sexiest part of a male, hence the key to attracting attention. There are many forms of exercise that can be done to enhance the pectoral muscles. In the earlier days, when machines were rarely in use and the technology not as advanced as today, bench press and basic press up were the vigorous exercise performed in forming and stimulating the muscles of the chest. But as technology evolved, machines created by men have taken over the role of these conventional exercises and has evidently replaced them. Gyms and fitness centre’s urge people to use machines instead of the conventional exercises as the machines prove to be more effective and more beneficial to the user.

 An alternative created for the bench press and any other conventional exercise which existed for the chest was the pec deck machine. The Pec deck machine not only stimulates and forms the muscles of the chest, but aids in improving the size of the chest muscles, major and minor without causing any harm to the user.  This machine has limited functions but all the exercises performed on this machine are targeted towards the chest muscles.  Though the chest muscles are the targeted areas in using this machine, the muscles located on the users back are also strained and stimulated. The muscles located on the back such as the lattisimus dorsi, the trapezoids and the rhomboids are indirectly stimulated when the contractions during exercises using the pec deck machine happens.

Pec Deck machines, commonly known in the gyms as pec deck or pec machines, play a vital and important role in strengthening the chest. Most commercial gyms strive to have pec machines in their environment as they prove to have fruitful outcomes. Pec machines work in a very simple fashion. The muscles around the chest area are worked by clutching the muscles of the breast together and forward. Most areas of the chest can be worked by stimulating and working other parts of the human body such as the back and the abdominals.
If using the Pec deck or the peck machine for the first time, be sure to read all instruction and to ensure you have access to a trainers help at all times. Though it is said to be safe, the weightlifter has to be briefed on the proper usage of the machine.  The weightlifter should be well aware of the fact that over exerting the chest muscle or performing the exercise in a wrong manner can cause an injury. Injury can differ from the type of causes. Some can be permanent, some can be temporary. In order to remain physically able, the weightlifter has to ensure that all precautions and measures have been taken.

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