What is a pec deck


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Pec Deck machines or more commonly known as pec machines in commercial gyms are used by weightlifters for ripping their chest muscles.

Most pec machines look similar but vary in size and shape, but the functions remain the same. Pec machines consist of a frame with a pulley which is attached to two suspended bars and an adjustable seat for the user to seat upon and position his body. Adjustable weight stacks are added and attached to the pulley, giving the weightlifter an option to his selection of weights. Weights stacked and attached to the pulley can go as heavy as 200 pounds.

When a weightlifter positions himself on the adjustable seat with the preferred height and comfort, the weightlifter should then choose the correct weight to be stacked and lifted. The weightlifters arms are positioned on the arm pad and a goal post shape is formed with his arms. The weightlifters arms should be out to the side with elbows being the same level as his shoulders and his lower arms facing vertically upwards. The weightlifter has to ensure his back is supported by the seat and is straight.

Once this is done, the weightlifter can now perform his amount of sets of exercises with a very smooth manner. The commencement of the movements should begin with squeezing the bars towards ones body by bringing the arms together. This activity causes the weights to be lifted up by the pulley. The weightlifter has to ensure that while this activity is being performed, he must not forget to exhale his breath. When inhaling a breath, the weightlifter will release the weights slowly to its resting position by allowing his arms to move away from each other in an outward motion. These activities are repeated with no rest between the activities until the targeted amount of sets have been achieved.

The pec machine not only works the muscles around the chest area, which is the pectoralis muscle, but also works the muscles on the weightlifters back, such as the latissimus dorsi, the trapezoids and the rhomboids. All these muscles are stimulated when the activities mentioned above are performed. The muscles are given room to expand in size caused by the contractions which happen due to the movements of the arms. The muscles start relaxing when the contractions end giving them time to isolate.

The outcome of using the pec machine is that, the weightlifter will have a bigger, more defined, more ripped and better looking chest. Not only will the chest have a better physical outlook, but so will the back, shoulders and the arms of the weightlifter.

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