Different types of pec deck machines


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There have been many different types of pec deck machines created in this era of technology. Many different types of pec deck machines with the same major function which is to work and build the muscle in chest area which is the pectoralis muscles. But the other exercises which go hand in hand with the major function differ. Most pec deck machines come with functions to work not only the chest area of the weightlifters body but also the muscle groups in the shoulders of the weightlifter, the muscle groups in the upper and lower back of the weightlifter and also the muscle group in the upper and lower arms of the weightlifter.

With new technology emerging everyday and pressure on manufacturers to keep up with them, they have come up with pec deck machine designs which are not only for the conventional pec deck exercises but are combined with other machines and made into one. Some include working the abs and more of the back. Some include working the legs and also the torso. Many of this advancement have proven to be space saving and economical. Mostly, these equipments invented have been targeted for smaller gyms and also home gyms. Who, unlike large commercial gyms canít afford to have singular instead of multi functional machines. Yes, the pec deck machine on its own is multi functional, but in this sense, the machine is not a dual machine. Where two separate machines have been combined into one.

Machines such as the home gym and the smith machine gyms are those of the types which have been invented as a space and cost saving equipment. It not only has the machine for the legs combined in it, such as the leg press machine, but also the machine for shoulder presses, the extendable and adjustable incline seat for the abdominals, the machine for the preacher curl, standing dips and the chin ups, but also the machine for rowing which targets the back. All these machines have been combined into one and in short created a mini gym for those who can afford to have one at home or the in the office. It targets the major body parts such as the muscles in the legs of the weightlifter, the muscles in the back, upper and lower of the weightlifter, the shoulders of the weightlifter, the abdominals of the weightlifter, upper and lower, and the arms of the weightlifter and is equipped enough to give the weightlifter the desired results he seeks for.  

There are other machines invented which have two machines combined into one. These machines are created to target 2 major areas of the body. One example of the type of machine invented in this instance is the body solid Pec Deck Rear Delt Flye Machine. This is a dual machine which has 2 major targeted areas of the body which are the chest and the shoulder areas of the weightlifters body. Not only can you perform all the exercises on the pec deck machine on this machine, which includes the pec deck flye, reverse pec deck flye and the one arm row, but also can perform shoulder presses and lateral raises which targets the shoulders and the upper back of the weightlifters body.

All these inventions have yet to prove faulty and are in high demand just as the pec deck machine is.

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